"Mizzou Student Leadership in Limbo After President-elect Steps Down"

It took less than a day for the University of Missouri to find itself embroiled in another controversy, this time involving its student government leadership.

Hours after the suspension of assistant professor Melissa Click on Wednesday, the Missouri Students Association accepted the resignation of its president- and vice president-elects.

Haden Gomez, the president-elect, was to be sworn in this weekend. But when he resigned, Chris Hanner, the vice president-elect was sworn in. Hanner appointed Payton Head as his vice president, but Head became president within minutes when Hanner stepped down from his position.

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/college/2016/01/28/mizzou-student-leadership-in-limbo-after-president-elect-steps-down/37411563/
"'The Amazing Race' Starts Social Media Season"

The Amazing Race is getting social — social media, that is.

The Emmy award-winning reality show, now in its 28th season, has spread the travel bug among viewers since 2001. The show's concept is simple: teams of two race around the world, experiencing a host of cultural challenges with the ultimate goal of winning the $1 million prize. This season, team members were selected because of their social media presence, including YouTube star Tyler Oakley and his friend (and fellow YouTuber) Korey Kuhl, and Vine magician Zach King.

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"Mental Health on College Campuses: A Look at the Numbers"
Approximately 42,773 Americans commit suicide every year, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, many of who are college students.

The University of Pennsylvania, Tulane University, Appalachian State University and Yale University, among others, made national headlines in recent years after student suicides rocked their campus communities, highlighting a growing need for comprehensive mental healthcare on college campuses.

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/college/2016/01/30/mental-health-on-college-campuses-a-look-at-the-numbers/37410977/

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