I answered questions about my documentary film,...
I answered questions about my documentary film, "Thoughts and Prayers." Moderated by Robert Greene. Click here to watch the full Q&A from night one of the 2020 Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival: https://vimeo.com/419456461
 Sabatke’s film explores the 20th anniversary of...
Sabatke’s film explores the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, through the lives affected by it, including the journalists who covered the story. She hopes the film will encourage people to be more empathetic and realize that journalists are also affected by the traumatic events they cover. She views her own self as an observer, simply documenting history in the film. Read the full story here: https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/higher_education/stronger-than-fiction-returns-saturday/article_5855114c-960e-11ea-adb8-1fdbf23ad588.html
 "I’m a graduate student at the Missouri...
"I’m a graduate student at the Missouri School of Journalism, part of the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo. I am about to begin my final year in the documentary journalism program, which includes producing my own documentary short film. I’m drawn to character-driven stories on issues that affect the lives of everyday people.
I first experienced the use of drones in the fall of 2017 and have been experimenting with their applicability to journalism (and beyond) ever since. When I’m not working on my graduate coursework, I am either flying drones (commercially or for the University of Missouri) or teaching fellow students how to fly and get licensed."
Read more: https://www.womenwhodrone.co/single-post/2019/08/04/Pilot-Spotlight-Interview-with-Sarah-Sabatke
 California was highlighted as a road trip stop in the...
California was highlighted as a road trip stop in the "The WPA Guide to 1930s Missouri," a federal writers' project of the Works Progress Administration.
Nearly 90 years later, an avid road-tripper fell in love with this town after following that guide for a class project at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Sarah Sabatke, who graduated this month with a bachelor's degree in journalism, was assigned a "small" documentary project. Not one to take the simple path, the Wisconsin-native said she has hopes of developing the assignment into a larger project in the future.
Read more: https://www.californiademocrat.com/news/local/story/2018/jun/13/california-highlighted-in-documentary/730375/
 Artificial intelligence. Machine-learning....
Artificial intelligence. Machine-learning. Natural-language processing. These terms have become buzzwords flying around the internet, boardrooms and everywhere in between. And journalists are not just writing about the emerging topics, they are also stepping up efforts to harness the enthusiasm.
That’s why three Missouri School of Journalism students worked on a semester-long project with The Associated Press to create training materials to help journalists get comfortable with the subject of automated news creation and learn how to do it.
The Associated Press, which uses automated writing in its work, asked the students to create a self-guided curriculum for its staff, especially those who don't have coding experience.
Read more: https://www.rjionline.org/stories/students-create-guide-to-teach-journalists-how-to-teach-the-robots
 COLUMBIA, MO - Sarah Sabatke of Monroe was selected to...
COLUMBIA, MO - Sarah Sabatke of Monroe was selected to join the college correspondent program with USA Today for the spring 2016 semester. Sabatke will represent the University of Missouri as one of 20 college correspondents nationwide. As a college correspondent, Sabatke will create a multimedia story every week for the online component of USA Today College, as well as additional writing and reporting for USA Today.

Sarah Sabatke

Sarah Sabatke is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker based in Columbia, Missouri.
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